Managed VPS Hosting
built for speed and scalability.

Fully managed, lightning-fast, starting at $15/mo with 1GB RAM!

Now with solid state drives (SSDs), our Virtual Private Servers give developers, designers and businesses more power, speed and stability to successfully run their websites and applications. If you're a business experiencing high traffic to your site, a developer running a complex application that requires instant scalability, or a designer wanting to give your clients' sites maximum performance, then VPS hosting is just what you need!

Virtual Servers Overview

Virtual servers offer many of the same capabilities that dedicated servers do, just in an elastic way. Unlike physical servers, you can resize and scale your virtual servers up or down at any time. Additionally, virtual servers offer enhanced resilience against downtime. For these reasons and many others, virtual servers have become a favorite of developers and enterprises alike.

Provision in minutes

Provision in minutes

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How Your Virtual Servers Works

Our virtual servers can be deployed with just the push of a button.Choose from one of our pre-built servers or build your own. You can also choose the data center in which to house your public cloud.

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